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Eurodisney (Disneyland Paris) Holidays

Planning on going to EuroDisney? Well, get ready to emerge yourself in Disney Magic! Disneyland Paris is the place where you can feel as if you are walking inside a real life Disney movie. EuroDisney (now Disneyland Paris) is a wonderful place with many attractions, character meet and greets and restaurants. It’s easy to get lost in all the possibilities. There are many questions you’ll need to ask yourself before heading of to the happiest place on earth. Where to eat? Sleep? Which rides? In this article we’ll inform you about weather, hotels and food. Would you like to know more? Take a look at our YouTube channel SeeYouInMainStreet. You can find several videos about EuroDisney or Disneyland Paris where we cover all these subjects and more!

EuroDisney – Weather

disneyland paris what to wear weatherPreparing yourself for a Disneyland trip to Paris, you might think that’s not so different from getting ready for any other Disneyland park. But looks can be deceiving! However the parks may look a like, the weather, such as temperature and rainfall, can be much different. Many visitors think that it’s cold in Disneyland Paris, but it’s mostly wet. That’s why you should always check the weather before you pack and choose layers in case it actually will be cold. Going to EuroDisney during autumn and winter, you need to be prepared for rain at least 2 or 3 times during your stay. It’s mostly rain showers so they will be gone quite quickly. However rain might fall frequently.

What to wear to Disneyland Paris

Dress yourself for the time you need to walk from one ride to another and you’ll be fine. We would like to advice an umbrella for when it’s raining without wind. A foldable (heavy quality) raincoat is very advisable to bring with you for days when it’s rainy as well as windy. Poncho’s will catch wind and you’ll walk around like a bloated balloon. In summertime it can be quite hot. Bring enough sunscreen and maybe even an umbrella to create shade when you’re waiting in line or watching the Disney parade. You see, the weather in Disneyland Paris is very unpredictable.

Disneyland Paris – Where to stay?

Choosing where to stay can be a handful. There are several on property EuroDisney hotels, but the prices vary a lot and the themes are also very different from each other. We made a video about our most favorite and less favorite Disneyland Paris Hotels, and why. This video can be very useful before booking your EuroDisney hotel. There’s also a possibility for choosing an off-site Disney Hotel, which are hotels near Disneyland. Disneyland Paris is situated within a ‘circle’ (you can see it for yourself in google maps).

When you stay within the circle your travel time to Disneyland Park will be between 5 or 10 minutes, also depending on the traffic in the morning. We would like to advice you not to book an off-site hotel (hotels near Disneyland Paris) outside this Disneyland circle, because you’ll be in heavy traffic and too far away from the Park. We made a Disneyland Paris Hotel YouTube playlist for you where we gathered all our reviews of off-site hotels for you. The further away from the circle, the more cheap the hotels near Disneyland Paris get.

Disneyland / Eurodisney – Where to eat at restaurants?

Eurodisney counter service restaurantTable service restaurants are the more expensive restaurants in Disneyland Paris. This also depends on the type of table service restaurant you choose. In EuroDisney Jack’s Restaurant is quite affordable, but the California Grill in the Disneyland Hotel can cost you around 100 euro per person. It’s also possible to choose for a counter service restaurant in Disneyland Paris or buffets. Let’s say you’re going to Disney Paris during wintertime for 4 days and 3 nights. To keep your holiday affordable as well as convenient we advice you to make, let’s say 2 table service reservations for the evening. The 1st for your second day and the 2nd for your 3rd day.

Best time to eat at Disneyland Paris

Don’t make the mistake of having a dinner reservation during the Disney parades or the endshow in the evening. Have a good breakfast and buy yourself some smaller snacks during the day. For example a hotdog at Casey’s Corner or some fries (also at Casey’s Corner) and Toad Hall. The buffet is also recommendable, because you can have a seat in a comfortable surrounding and the buffet is quite affordable too. You could choose to make a reservation for the Disneyland buffet during lunchtime and skip a heavy meal in the evening. When everybody else is having dinner, you can buy yourself a smaller snack. With this you save time and you can enjoy all the rides or get a perfect spot for the fireworks! Would you like to know where you can eat cheap at Disneyland Paris? Check our video and Disneyland food playlist!

Rides and Attractions Disney Paris

It’s obvious that Disneyland Paris has some great rides for you in store. Some rides, like Crush’ Coaster and Ratatouille are unique for Disneyland Paris. Would you like to know which rides you don’t want to miss when you’re in EuroDisney? We made a video about the best attractions in Disneyland Paris.


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