Beauty and the beast quotes about gaston

No one’s next as incredibly thick as Gaston

Gaston is a fictional character that appeared in the animated feature Beauty and the Beast by Walt Disney. Gason is an arrogant hunter who has an eye on Belle. Unfortunately Belle has no interest in him. Belle loves the Beast and that drives gaston into killing the beast. Ironically, the Beast was once as vain as Gaston. Furthermore the animator of this Disney movie found it difficult to create a pretty villain, because this had never been tried before by the studio.

Beauty and the beast quotes about gaston

Gaston the villain

Beauty and the Beast is one of those movies everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime. It doesn’t matter if it’s the 1991 or the 2017 version, both are magical. Everything fits perfectly together. The characters, the music, the humor everything in this movie is perfect.

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The 1991 movie is beautifully animated and it features some of the best Disney characters. We’re talking about Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere and of course Belle and the Beast. Also the villain Gaston adds really important elements to the Disney movie. Beauty and the Beast is about love and finding beauty inside. The movie is nicely supported by very good songs. An unique fact is that this movie was nominated for the ‘Best Picture’ Oscar. This would have been well deserved. The movie is filled with lots of humor and imaginative characters. The movie is told in a quick pace and features some of the best editing seen in an animated movie.

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This website is filled with Disney Movie Quotes. No one’s next as incredibly thick as Gaston. You van check out this website for more Beauty and the Beast Quotes. Beauty and the Beast is about Belle. She is a young woman who is imprisoned by a beast in his castle. The beast actually is a cursed prince who can only break the curse if he finds true love. Is Belle his one true love?

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